Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Glom onto something."

I actually messed up on the first panel, right out of the gate; which is surprising since it's appallingly labor intensive to fill in the yellow balloons. Like breaking rocks.

Glom is Glomulus, a rather good-sized pack-in with the Larfleeze DC Universe Action League. I kind of thought Glomulus might've been packed in with the larger DC Universe figure, but he appears to be unique here. And finding him led to the usual sci-fi energy-draining alien storyline! Yay! Now if Kurt and Pool could figure their way out of it...

POOL: You take care of that last ship?
KURT: Yeah, we got it. You get the boarders?

POOL: Yeah.
KURT: As usual, I already regret asking, but...what?

POOL: Ah, it was just a little disappointing.
POOL: I thought it was going to be a cool, zero-g shootout; but they were using magnetic boots. And I thought the blood would go splurting out of them in cool blobs, but it either cauterized or froze.

KURT: Star Trek VI?
POOL: Yeah.
POOL: Plus, the last one got a lucky shot and blew out my helmet, and my eyes froze before I got back in. Not super-comfortable, healing factor or no.

POOL: Anyway, Amy? There's a bunch of bodies in sector six or whatever, stuck to the floor by their boots. Probably a lotta frozen blood, too.
AMY: I'll take care of it, sure--

AMY: HOLY ####!
KURT: What is that?

POOL: Oh, him? Yeah, he followed me back. Some kind of space ghost. Well, not like Space Ghost, but you know what I mean. I don't think it came with the boarders...he might be from outside.

POOL: Anyway, I call him Carl. He looks like a Carl, don't you think?
KURT: He looks dangerous. That thing can't be safe.

POOL: Nah, he's like Slimer, man. Harmless and cute comedy relief. We could do with some, y'ask me.
AMY: Um, well, its an energy being. Non-biological. So that aspect is safe...

AMY: ...except it would almost certainly drain energy from the drives.


SallyP said...

Well, he is adorable, so I can fully understand Deadpool's reasoning. Too bad about that whole "draining the energy" thingie.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh cool, Glom!
Cool surprise guest-star man. Nice one;)

Another solid chapter buddy.