Monday, July 13, 2015


We saw Iron Man completely go off on ex-Thor for losing his hammer some time back, but I honestly think Tony would have a hard time accepting any changes in Thor: he's known the Asgardian for years, and Thor has to seem more constant, more stable, than Tony ever could be. Their occasional falling-outs aside, Thor has always been a rock for Tony, a given he could count on. That and Tony changes his armor more often than most blogs update; while Thor may have worn the same outfit since the middle ages or so.

Tony doesn't seem to care for Dr. Strange's new look--or new axe--either. Real Marvel fans, of course, recall that Strange used to have the Eye of Yaphet Kotto--no, wait, the Eye of Agamotto. If Strange doesn't have the Axe of Agamotto, something is seriously wrong. (The "Eye of Yaphet Kotto" gag is from a Fabian Nicieza/Mark Badger Dr. Strange serial in Marvel Comics Presents #19-20.) Cibo Matto is a band; they're pretty good. Of course, Strange has the Dread Axe of Darkness from Poe Ghostal and Spy Monkey Creations!

Pfeffernüsse are some kind of German cookie...which I'm not sure I knew before. It's just a funny-sounding word.

MWC Toys reviewed the new Mezco Mortal Kombat Raiden the other day, and he is pretty swell. Good accessories, nice sculpt, reasonable articulation. Crawford mentions he's in a 6" scale; without the size creep common in other lines, like Marvel Legends. Still, I thought he fit in just fine. Got a case of the latest, the Hulkbuster series, from Hasbro Toy Shop, with a nice coupon and free shipping! So far my favorite has to be that Hulkbuster, but we'll check him out later.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Ha! Nice one. I can actually see the Raiden replacement thing happening. Why? 'Cause Odin's a colossial dick sometimes, that's why?
I actually lost/acccidently threw away my copy of that axe. Duh! Right?

SallyP said...

It's true. Odin HAS been a total douchenozzle.