Wednesday, July 08, 2015


I picked up Psycho-Man (from the 90's Fantastic Four cartoon line) at a yard sale maybe a month ago, which of course leads to something like this. I don't know that he's made a ton of appearances lately, but neither has his pal from the Microverse, Baron Karza!

Somewhat interestingly, around the same time I was buying Psycho-Man, over at the Robot's Pajamas there was a list of every Avengers villain from the comics, ranked and coming in at #55 is Gouzar...who I had never heard of. He's a tyrant from the Microverse with a centaur-body, so I'm guessing Gouzar is supposed to be STBLDF Baron Karza--since Marvel doesn't have the rights to Baron Karza anymore. Karza was a pretty good bad guy, considering he probably initially wasn't going to be much other than Darth Vader with the serial numbers filed off; but he came into his own evil right.


giTom said...

OOOhhh... Baron Karza! Another reminder of all the lost toys of my youth. I'm going to cry now.

Dale Bagwell said...

Damn, Goo dug deep for this one. I iwshed I had that Psycho Man though. Still kind of holds up if he was a little bigger and more articulated.

Defintiely enjoying this shorter gag that leaves a lot for your imagination to fill in.

SallyP said...

Poor Kurt. I'm starting to feel his pain. His highly amusing pain, but pain nonetheless.