Thursday, July 09, 2015

Those boots do look made for stomping.

I'm not particularly well-versed in this title, but the guest-stars on the cover sold me on a cheap copy of Power Pack #29, "Obsession!" Written by Louise Simonson, pencils by Jon Bogdanove, inks by Dan Green.

From 1987, this book couldn't be more eighties: local bully Johnny is going to get even with that "mutie" Alex Powers, after the eldest of the Powers family whupped him with super-strength. Johnny's got his gun, but Alex doesn't have his powers anymore--at least, not his gravity powers, since the whole family switched powers, and he now has Katie's "energizer" powers. Which would be helpful, if Alex wanted to disintegrate his bully...!

Johnny and Alex face off after school, and Johnny pulls the gun he found when a crack dealer ditched it. Although tempted, Alex refrains from using his powers; but the fight is further complicated by the arrival of...the Hobgoblin!

Chased by Spider-Man, Hobgoblin grabs both boys, but when Alex shakes up his goblin-glider, Hobby drops Johnny! Torn between his rage and his need to keep his powers a secret, Alex disintegrates some of Hobgoblin's gear, but can't bring himself to turn his power on the villain, even when called a "creepy little mutant brat!"

Spidey had already saved Johnny, then arrives in time to rescue Alex as well; who feels useless since he couldn't blast Hobby or save himself when thrown off a building. The Hobgoblin of course escapes (EDIT:...despite the fact Alex destroyed his goblin-glider, and that he only distracted Spidey for seconds at best, and he was on the top of an apartment building. His "escape" is mainly because the issue was over and they weren't going to resolve several years of storyline with a cameo in Power Pack, no matter how hilarious that might've been. It's not like he could've disappeared in a crowd, but now I'm picturing Hobby getting a taxi home...) but Spider-Man tells Alex a secret, about when he wanted to kill the original Green Goblin, but didn't think having the power was the same as having the right. His secret safe, Johnny and Alex make friends after their shared experience, although Johnny still throws the M-word around a lot...

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SallyP said...

These were fun books. I remember thinking that the artist actually drew them looking like real CHILDREN, instead of miniature adults.