Monday, August 03, 2015

Wow, the Ant-Man movie took a lot of liberties from the source material...

From "The Amazing Ant-Man" in 2000 AD #640, reprinted in Dredd Rules #8. Story by Alan Grant, art by Carlos Ezquerra. As young Henry Pymm takes his genetically-engineered ants for 'walkies,' Judge Dredd tails a drug supplier who has a run-in with Pymm's pets. Things go a bit sideways after that.

This issue also reprints some other fun Dredd short stories with allusions to other comic books, including "Curse of the Spiderman" and "Kirby's Demon."

Picked this up, along with a ton of other books, at Kalispell Comics! If you're in the Glacier Park area, check 'em out!


Dale Bagwell said...

Whoa, its like the writers aren't even trying to hide the comparisons.
I can't believe Marvel didn't squash this, since its really only a letter away from naming Pym outright. Marvel now wouldn't let it go down, and I know DC wouldn't either.

It's kinda funny though because I actually see things going down like this for the real Hank Pym if he wasn't an Avenger or anyhwere remotely heroic. Do you have any of those other parodies that you mentioned?

googum said...

"Kirby's Demon" has a boy convinced he has a demon, despite what anyone else might think. I think it takes place in Matt Wagner Block, too.

"Curse of the Spiderman," though, has a man diagnosed with a disease that is going to turn him into a spider...maybe. Bit of a shaggy dog story, but has a few laughs.