Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Ooh, forgot to add any commentary! Well, let's see...NECA had some Predator figures a while back (I think they're on like their eighteenth wave or so, albeit with some clever reuse and repaints) that came with various skulls for a display of the trophy wall from Predator 2. I had a few assorted loose skulls, but instead went with Predator taxidermy and a pterodactyl skeleton from a vending machine. Those dinosaur skeletons are a lot of fun with silly putty: instant fossils! Not that I'm doing that at my desk at work...Also, the "Predator blood" on Pool's knife is from a highlighter borrowed from the Wife!

Have Wolverine and Kraven met, in proper Marvel continuity? I wanted to say yeah, but I'm not positive. Of course Kraven would look down his nose at Logan, because he probably assumes with mutant powers and claws, being the great white hunter would be cake. Kraven ignores the fact that if he went through what Logan had, he'd be even more of a drooling psychotic.


Dale Bagwell said...

Definitely one of the better parts of this saga man. Love the references to Wolvie teaching Kurt how to drink and fight....drunk.
Drunken teleportation? Oh you can't just drop a dope concept like that and not follow please follow up on that;)

I don't know if Logan's met Kraven before, but I'm sure he's had to have run into him before. I know Kraven's apparently pretty old himself, having met and teamed up with Sabertooth during Bendis' 1950's Avengers arc. Although since its Bendis, he probably didn't even think about Kraven's age in continuity.

Can't wait to see what 'Pool and Kurt have in store for Kraven, but it doesn't look good, like passing out drunk at a frat house bad;)

SallyP said...

Great Googumly Moogumly! This is fantastic! And SO much better than most of the X-books currently on the shelves!

Oh rock so hard.