Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Kurt is not tied up especially well there. I don't think Kraven is at all curious what the guys are doing in space: if he can't hunt it, kill it, and mount it on his wall, he's not particularly interested. Actually, I'm not sure Kraven's even a big trophy guy, either. Sure, he'd love to kill Spider-Man, but he may or may not literally want his head. Maybe? I don't know if I've seen Kraven show any particular tendencies towards conservation.

I've had that Predator for some time, and NECA has done a bunch since: there's always the idea of getting a few of them for a little hunting party. Maybe sometime.


SallyP said...

This IS a perfect excuse to use your Predator figure. And boy, is Kraven a jerk! But since that is the whole point, I have to say, that I'm loving this.

As usual.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Predators huh. Should've probably seen that coming. Interesting new wrinkle in the guys' plan to get home.

But do the Predators really support letting Kraven go around drugging/ruffying potential new trophies like that? I thought they more respect for the game than that;)