Thursday, March 17, 2016

80-Page Thursdays: Time Warp #1!

I know I've read at least some of DC's 1979-80 sci-fi anthology Time Warp (like the Ditko story, "On the Day of His Return") but just got this one recently: from 2013, Time Warp #1, with stories by Damon Lindelof, Gail Simone, Peter Milligan, and more; and art by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, Mark Buckingham, and more. This time capsule's from three years ago, so how is it?

Mildly disappointing. Hey, what's the easiest, laziest time-travel story you can think of? One that I'm mildly surprised the original series didn't appear to do, although they did a similar one with Einstein? Yep, time-travelers vs. Hitler. Two variations on that here, and while they are variations, it's been done.

Lindelof and Lemire open with "R.I.P." Trapped in prehistory, Rip Hunter flees dinosaurs, with only begrudging help from his future selves. Gail Simone has a far more imaginative and charming tale, "I Have What You Need," with art by Gael Bertrand, about a candy-maker who can bring back memories.

Simon Spurrier and Michael Dowling's "The Grudge" tells of two scientists' decades of foul-mouthed science pranks, albeit in a PG-13 fashion. (Oddly, other stories had cursing; this one that could've used it did not.) Then another Dead Boy Detectives story, then Peter Milligan and M.K. Perker's sci-fi haunting, "She's Not There."

Maybe three good ones out of nine here? And while I didn't pay the $7.99 cover price, I still paid too much per good one. Need to "time warp" back and warn myself not to bother...

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They kinda look decent, at least the art anyways.