Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Paul Bunyan Machine my ass!"

I was looking for this issue over a year ago, when we checked out the prior chapter, so let's finally check out the fabled Paul Bunyan machine, from 1989's Badger #48, "Juju Jaguar" Written by Mike Baron, pencils by Ron Lim, inks by Paul Abrams.

With the aid of the Juju Jaguar, the other assorted animals of the rain forest, and the cross-dressing Handmaidens of the Sacred Blood; Badger and Ham try to stop Gichen Rotsaruck from clear-cutting the entire Amazon. Which is a tall order, since Rotsaruck just received the Paul Bunyan Machine!

The machine does prove to be quite formidable, and between it and his martial arts skill Rotsaruck is able to fend off attacks from Badger, Ham, the head nun, and the Juju Jaguar; before falling prey to a boa constrictor. Just as silly as the previous issue, but fun. If I'm not mistaken, the somewhat more serious Badger Goes Berzerk mini-series was coming up, so Baron may have taken the opportunity to have as much fun as he could first.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Damn I've got to eventually attempt to collect this whole series 'cause it just looks so damn fun to read. Early Ron Lim art too? Not bad.

Gearloose? Was that a reference to Gyro Gearloose from Ducktales?

googum said...

Of course! Although this might predate Ducktales, Gyro was in a bunch of Uncle Scrooge comics and stuff. I always liked the little assistant with the light bulb head...