Monday, March 14, 2016

The Age of finally getting all four issues.

Finished reading Conan Red Sonja the other day. (That's how the title comes up, no 'and' or ampersand or slash or anything!) I got all four issues from the back-issue bins, but from various stores and never all at once!

In this series, Conan and Red Sonja meet only four times over the course of their lives, from young thieves to seasoned warriors. (As opposed to their dozens of encounters in Marvel's comics!) Their meetings and their destiny are tied to the wizard Thoth-Amon and a monstrous bloodroot that could destroy entire kingdoms. Thoth forces Conan and Sonja to battle for their respective homelands, and the loser's will be destroyed!

Conan's badly wounded before that fight, but still holds his own, until he decides to let Sonja finish him. (This was sometime after the death of his beloved BĂȘlit, and Conan was going through what could charitably be referred to as massive depression.) Will Sonja kill Conan to save her people? Well, you can probably guess, but it's still pretty good. The story does assume Conan and Sonja give a rat's ass for their homelands, though: if they were that great, they'd still live there...

Story by Gail Simone and Jim Zub, art by Dan Panosian.


Dale Bagwell said...

Didn't they get it on? I could've sworn they had.
Really good-looking art here though. Damn Dan Panosian's art has sure aged really well over the years.

SallyP said...

Wait...Conan is wearing PANTS?