Thursday, June 30, 2016

I guess Kurt drew Maggie's name outta there...

The Comic Book Shop was out of the Skottie Young variant cover, but I bought one anyway...and then found and bought the variant at Hastings! I don't mind supporting both stores, but I hate that buying two copies gives Marvel too much credit for this one! From last week or so, Civil War II: X-Men #1, written by Cullen Bunn, art by Andrea Broccardo.

The Skottie Young cover is on the wall above my desk now, since drawing names out of a hat makes as much sense as any other reason for the X-Men, or any of Marvel's other heroes, to end up on whatever side they do in these Civil War books. Today, in scenic Dubai...where everyone appears to be speaking English...the Terrigen Mists are coming in, which will cause more humans to become Inhumans, but also sterilize and kill mutants. A group of rich mutants are prepared with an airtight tower, but aren't prepared for gatecrashers: Magneto and his X-Men, who bring in the city's poor mutants to save them. Unfortunately, no one prepared for Prime Sentinels, cyborgs who infiltrated disguised as waitstaff. The Sentinels blow out the windows, leaving the collected mutants vulnerable, but they are saved by the arrival of Storm and her X-Men.

Storm's team had gotten the head's-up from the Inhumans' newest game-changer, Ulysses. Described as being able to "profile the future," his warning saved Magneto and his team; but Mags does not seem especially grateful. In fact, he immediately sees Ulysses as "another weapon in (the Inhumans') arsenal." While Psylocke seems to be trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, and maybe even see Ulysses as a person; the issue ends with Nightcrawler approaching Magneto, seemingly in agreement! I'm curious as to how Bunn will play that out; but I really don't care for his current costume and long hair.

I'm also not sure how many mutants there are supposed to be, or prime Sentinels for that matter. That's kind of been a staple since the Mutant Massacre days: mutants are supposed to be at least somewhat rare, yet kind of get killed off by the dozens in titles like this...

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