Wednesday, June 08, 2016


I had to do most of this one from my laptop, since the Wife helped me with Linux on my old computer, and it's a little pokey. Kind of hoping eventually Windows has an update that'll get my drivers going again...

Pool mentions cubits--from Battlestar: Galactica--and latinum; traditionally gold-pressed, from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Mainly, because I'm not sure what interstellar societies use for cash in the Marvel Universe; and how would you know? Aliens could pay in in radioactive sludge, or beads, or anything, and convince you it was legal tender across the cosmos.

For the staggeringly old comic creator software I use--which I wasn't able to find a link for in a quick search on Amazon, but I did find a similar one from the same company, but a tie-in to the movie Nacho Libre for some reason. Anyway, I had to download the fonts I use this time: I would've sworn they were included standard. I use Pig Iron Medium Bold most of the time, and I got it from an old Geocities site.


SallyP said...

I never really thought about a porn-based economy before... but I suppose it IS a more or less renewable resource.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, but leave to us humans to mess even THAT up if it ever did come to that here. Inflation coming out the glory hole man.

But damn, you got me hooked now. What DID Juarez do that was so bad, and why do I get the feeling we're about to see a grainy-filmed sex tape soon?

*We damn well better get a grainy-filmed sex tape Goo! PG for the kids or not!*