Thursday, August 11, 2016

80-Page Thursday: Marvel Super-Heroes Summer Special #6!

I believe I referred to the lead story as "dire" earlier, but "dated" may be more accurate. From 1991, Marvel Super-Heroes Summer Special (#6), featuring stories by Roy & Dann Thomas, Michael Higgins,Jack Herman, and more; art by Jim Redington, Steve Buccelato, Rich Buckler, and more.

The X-Men lead story is already dated since it was set during the Australia/Reavers era, when the team was believed dead. (Coincidentally, I was reading some Atlantis Attacks annuals, and they were set during the same time!) It's also dated since there are two solid pages of expository flashbacks, which I don't think you see as much anymore; and they also tie in to comics Roy Thomas wrote before!

The Sentinels have returned, specifically the Mark-II, which were both particularly formidable and nutty, having tried to stop mutants by sterilizing humanity more then once. They're after gamma-powered individuals this time for research, and have captured the Abomination and Doc Samson, and this chapter ends on a cliffhanger as Storm is captured as well! You would've had to wait 'till the next quarterly issue for the conclusion, even though Storm probably appeared in at least three books before then.

Also this issue: burning off a Power Pack fill-in, albeit one from pretty late in that series run. (Alex had a horse's head there.) Sabra, Speedball, and Cloak & Dagger shorts: C&D don't even make the cover, but their story does feature an unfortunate sign of the times. On an Entertainment Tonight-type show, Dagger hears of the death of an old friend, who fell in with a bad crowd, became a porn star, and died of an the age of 16? That's probably a reference to Traci Lords, but still. As Kate Beaton's pointed out, it does make Dagger's costume in questionable taste.

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SallyP said...

I have always assumed that Dagger went through a roll of double-sided tape ever time she "suited" up.