Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I plot like this by myself, with co-plotters it could get out of hand...

Today, a story I've wanted to blog forever, but couldn't find a copy to fit in my scanner! Which is weird, since I've bought the bigger version twice! From 1979, Marvel Treasury Edition #22, reprinting Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5, "Here We Go A-Plotting!" "No credits for this one 'cause nobody will take the blame!" Per the GCD, story and pencils by Marie Severin, inks by Frank Giacoia, preliminary layouts by John Romita.

Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and John Romita are locked in mortal combat against...writer's block, coming up with a plot for the Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip! Luckily, Larry first gets heartburn from, then nearly chokes on, a green sour ball; giving Stan and John the inspiration they need for a strip with Spidey hiring a housekeeper for Aunt May...that's really Dr. Doom in disguise!

I love the idea of Stan and John writing Spidey into a corner every week or so, then coasting until they have to write their way out of it. And I got this book when I was a kid: I lent some books to an older friend, who lost them, but gave me two treasury editions to replace them! Then I lost it when my basement flooded some years back, but lucked into a replacement. And yet, I've never been able to find a copy that would fit in my scanner. The main story of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 was reprinted in Marvel Tales, but not this back-up. A shame, it's more fun!


Dale Bagwell said...

Anytime you hear an interview by John Romita about his days working on Spider-Man, and this is exactly what he says it was like; having to come up with a new story every week/month. I gotta' say tho, how underrated and under-appreciated was Marie Severin as an artist? Love her regular work, but she does parody really well, like Brand ECHH. I have an old issue of that from the late 60's and damn does it still hold up art-wise.

SallyP said...

Marie Severin is one heck of an artist.