Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The chapter of Atlantis Attack reminding me I'm missing three chapters.

This issue takes place after Punisher Annual #2, but mentions a previous chapter I don't have handy, the next chapter I'm not sure I remember, and I know there's another one in there somewhere. From 1989, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9, featuring "The Serpent in the Shadow" Written by Gerry Conway, pencils by Dave Ross, inks by Andy Mushynsky and Mike Gustovich.

The Punisher and Moon Knight had run across Viper at a "Save Our Society" addiction clinic, but this time we meet the clinic's head, Dr. Tyrone. He seems like a nondescript blonde fellow, but he's really long-time Hulk foe Tyrannus! Who seems to have some new powers after his run-in with the Flame of Life, including a bit of mesmerism. Which is how he's able to get Cloak under his power, when the hero comes to the clinic for his addition, to the light of Dagger. Tyrannus kidnaps Dagger, and forces Cloak to recover "the book of Kell," for some choice forbidden mystical knowledge. When Tyrannus sics a serpent-man on Cloak, he snaps out of it; but Tyrannus not only has piles of snake-guys there, he's franchised his clinic to over two hundred locations! (Cloak is also helped out, though he doesn't see it, by that mysterious armored figure we keep seeing. And who I think I spoiled before, but keep it under your hat.)

Spider-Man is also there, having run into Cloak checking out the clinic before; but also having recognized a tattoo on one of the clinic workers as being from the Sons of the Serpent. While Cloak escapes with a feverish Dagger, Spidey discovers junkies being turned into serpent-men, and is hypnotized by Tyrannus and surrounded by them!

This would be immediately continued in Daredevil Annual #4 (it's really #5!), which I'm frantically digging for now...Also this ish, a Prowler back-up with very McFarlane-style art (it's Scott McDaniel) and a Mary Jane Watson feature tied into the then-current storyline of a rich stalker getting the Parkers blacklisted everywhere. And another chapter of "the Saga of the Serpent Crown," that says it's based on a John Byrne story, but I don't know from where.


Dale Bagwell said...

Huh. That whole thing seems a bit convoluted, especially when spread out amongst all those annuals.
I liked the Acts of Vengeance stuff better.

Did you spoil the identity of that mystery armored person (shouldn't assume it's gender even though it has to be a male)

As for the John Byrne story, maybe that X-Factor annual you covered not too long ago?

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh, and again, Happy Birthday man:)