Tuesday, August 08, 2017

He's a shark, he's a shark, he's a shark!

It's hard for me to believe, but it was just a little over a year ago I was breaking my legs trying to get the last piece for Mattel's DC Multiverse Justice Buster, an okay but not mind-blowing Batman robot thing. Today, I was going to call this a wash, but instead decided it was well worth it instead: the DC Multiverse King Shark!

Let's break it down here: back in February, I bought Batgirl from the Comic Book Shop. On two separate trips to Montana, I bought the next four at a Wal-Mart: first Bat-Gordon and TV's Hawkman, then DKR Joker and Jay Garrick. (I am super annoyed that Jay isn't the version played by original TV Flash John Wesley Shipp! Maybe Mattel will give us an alt-head sometime.)

I had to eBay Zoom, although I couldn't tell you why he was the hard one to find. I saw all the rest at retail at least once--obviously, I guess. So I ended up paying just a smidge below retail plus tax per figure, because I didn't pay tax for the four from Montana and they were a hair cheaper there as well. ($126.28 total for the six, but Zoom was $37 of that, shipped.)

Out of those six, Batgirl and Bat-Gordon aren't bad, and Gordon may be even better than I thought, for reasons we'll have to revisit later. Zoom and Jay add a bit of play value to the earlier Flash and Reverse-Flash, and I wish I had a turntable to mount them on, so they could chase each other in circles all day! The Legends of Tomorrow Hawkman is still on my work desk. I'm not sure why, except that I'm messy. DKR Joker still leaves me cold, but I think his head joint is compatible with Masters of the Universe Classics! He may end up with Clawful's head or something...

But King Shark! His elbow articulation is just shy of none, his jeans aren't especially well painted, he can't turn his neck; but I don't care, I love him. His head sculpt is magnificent, and might even be interchangeable with the hammerhead version that came with the Toys R Us exclusive Damian Wayne Robin. (I'm mildly scared to try it: I'm worried it would get stuck, and I prefer the not-hammerhead one.)

Hmm. I had to give this a moment's thought: I mentioned the Justice Buster earlier, and after that I finished Killer Croc. In 2016 I finished the "New 52" Doomsday (now with horns!) but not the Batman v. Superman grapple-hook gun. (Although, pieces of it show up in the background here and there.) Going back over the numbers, Doomsday was only a little over sixty bucks for the six figures to build him. Before those, the last DC "Collect-n-Connect" completed was the second-to-last of them from DCUC, in November 2013, S.T.R.I.P.E. And he might've been a year old by the time I got him. Oh, and we finished Ares earlier too!

I'm already in for one of Mattel's next Collect-n-Connect figures, but have already planned for a little less scrambling. Hopefully soon...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Congrats on that King Shark figure. He looks okay, but yeah, they could've painted him a good bit better with some actually highlights and shading.

I really DO want that new Rebirth Batman figure and Reaper, but meh on the rest, as that Duke figure( nice head sculpt actually, maybe the Miles Morales would be a good fit as well) is already out of date, since he has a new costume and a new name....The Signal....yeah I know. Shoulda' kept it to just Duke.

Your display of DC BAF's showcases exactly the Marvel Legends choices of BAF's are just better as far as character selection goes. Step it up DC, step it up.