Wednesday, November 22, 2023


When I started writing this one, I'm not sure I knew Marvel had a new Punisher more than teased; but it had been solicted, and the first issue was out last week as I type this. was okay? Trying to create a new Punisher seems like an absolutely thankless job. Like, no matter how you come at it, the end result won't completely satisfy anyone but the attempt still has to be made? I'm kind of mulling it over, thinking about what aspects might be editorially mandated: for example, this new Punisher is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. hitter rather than belonging to a real branch of service, doesn't really have the skull logo (yet), and uses more sci-fi weapons than Frank typically did. All three of those feel like, Marvel wants an action-y, guns-blazing book; without getting bogged down in other issues. Which is a choice, like deciding to sell hamburger instead of steak. Hmm.


Mr. Morbid said...

We better be getting Satana Claus merch out of this bc I do believe you’ve just started a gimmick Marvel will soon wish they’d thought of first.

Just imagine the new jingles, Satana Claus displays & ornaments!

“Here comes Satana Claus, here comes Satana Claus, right down Hellfire laneeeeee.”

Wait does this make Kurt Mrs. Satana Claus then. I mean if Cary Grant can a war bride & get military spouse benefits than Kurt can be Mrs. Satana Claus.

What’s the allotted time we’re giving this new Punisher guy before Marvel inevitably gives up this experiment & breaks the emergency Frank button?

CalvinPitt said...

Mr. Morbid: I give it six months, if that. The new guy loses whatever tenuous grasp on sanity he currently has, or gets hypnotized by friggin' Ringmaster and Frank digs himself out of the grave to kill someone who isn't punishing "right".

H said...

The Rose is definitely creepy- I thought he was Purple Man the first time he showed up, and we know he’s a confirmed creep. Actually, why isn’t he Purple Man? Do we really need two weirdos with purple faces and an unnatural amount of influence over others? Is there anything they’d use him for that the Big Man wouldn’t work?