Wednesday, November 29, 2023


I keep meaning to see Game Night; I haven't, but the bits I've seen look great.  Per the Honest Trailers for the D&D movie, same directors, which is a good sign.

Madame Masque was a recent pick-up at the toy show; I'm not positive I'd ever seen one before. She was a 'split figure' with 'Madame Hydra,' Viper, who has gotten a new figure in recent years; but Masque hasn't yet. Of course, now that I have one, I'm sure that clock is ticking.

Tombstone is kinda right, there a lot of crime bosses at Marvel, even if we're not going to the Kingpin here. I was going to use another figure as a crowd-filler; but there were plenty, even if Owl hasn't got a figure and I don't like Mr. Negative. I also reckon they talk a lot of trash about each other behind each other's back, or to their face; but they aren't usually in a position to follow-through on it, so it's just background noise. Geez, and Tombstone's getting a new figure soon; in the prerequisite mobster suit. 


Anonymous said...

Man, both those figures, Viper & Madam Masque were FUG-LY!!!! Definitely put out a better Viper figure since, so its definitely time for Masque to get a new one herself.

How does Hammerhead NOT have skull cancer already!? Legit good question. Remember when he got into a feud with Doc Ock and they fought it out at a nuclear facility?
Also how is the Hood not dead? Bendis isn’t around to protect him & he’s not relevant anymore so….

Mr. Morbid said...

Shit man you’re not wrong about how fugly those figures of those two were/are! The bodies were basic as hell, but the real crime is whoever was in quality control at let those hideous faces leave the assembly room.
Definitely deserved better.

How is the Rose not dead already!? Seriously didn’t his mom already kill him? Maybe this isn’t Richard Fisk.

CalvinPitt said...

Jed MacKay killed the Hood off in a Mary Jane & Black Cat one-off early last year. (He wanted his Hood back, Felicia gave him some weird demon bag thing disguised as the hood and it ate him). Then Benjamin Percy brought him back in Ghost Rider recently. Judging by his X-Force work, I won't venture a guess as to why Percy makes any decisions he does.

I dunno, I liked the Hood in his first mini-series, as a guy always trying the easy way, but only making things 100 times harder for himself because of it. But that guy would never have gotten far enough to be a big deal.

Tombstone without the nice suit is just not as cool. Also, I thought Count Nefaria was Masque's father? Did Kurt Busiek's Avengers run lie to me????

Can we assume all the henchmen were forced to wait out in the street together and make awkward conversation?

googum said...

Ooh, good question. I might'a seen that one where the Hood was killed, but he's probably seemingly killed all the time. (He's 'died' multiple times at these meetings to skip out on the check, avoid awkward conversations, to catch a game...) Also, Jigsaw might be lying, in the hopes that somebody else will test that: either they get the Hood, or he gets them.

And you're right! Whitney Frost was Nefaria's kid; although there have been other Madame Masques, and Silvermane does have a daughter that could pick up the title. Or maybe I messed up, because I had a joke and wasn't letting it go! But I'm not sure the Rose or Masque here are the original ones. Doesn't matter.