Wednesday, November 15, 2023


Deadpool has been a terrible influence on Kurt... 

King Cobra, and I, were thinking of Slither; who was part of Magneto's short-lived post-Brotherhood of Evil Mutants gang, which was dubbed "Mutant Force" later. Most of the group would become the Resistants, appearing in Captain America around the same time that Viper brought Slither to the Serpent Society. Sure, he seems like a good fit, but Viper seemed to treat him like a dog and that may be how he acted. (In the same vein, I know there's some panels of Magneto greeting Peeper like they were old friends, and I have to call no way on that. That was back in the day when Mags treated Toad and others like Doom treats his lackeys, maybe a little worse.) But, there were other mutants in the Society, right? Most of the early members got their power from tech or implants; or were skilled athletes with gimmicks; but I think later additions like Puff Adder and Rock Python are mutants...probably? Their origins haven't been dug into too deeply.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Is it me or does the head sculpt used on that Rose figure look like a repainted GI Joe Gen 1 Snake Eyes head? I mean it's got his style of goggles and everything just painted purple? No?

Since you mentioned Satana's shitlist, I feel like a video of her top 10 entries rates a custom video with L7 as the musical accompaniment. Just saying ;)

I too call BS on Mags and Peepers every being friends. That's like when the one cool kids in HS pretends he and one of the outcast kids are cool in front of said outcasts kids' parents at church, but in HS it's defintiely NOT the case.

Speaking of 'Pool is he ever coming back? Maybe in time to promote DP3 whenever that finally drops, but it'd be nice to see him in a somewhat regular capacity again. I know it's fun giving other characters their time to shine after so many years if it being the Kurt & 'Pool show, but the lack of 'Pool on here as of late is starting to be more & more noticeable.

Oh and Kurt's only thinking of Serpent Society members having consensual sex leading to offspring & def not the bad alternative.