Monday, February 19, 2007

Since we didn't have a babysitter this weekend, we haven't gotten out to see Ghost Rider yet. The report I saw on the news said it had grossed $44 million or so, which isn't a bad sign, but I was hoping to see it before another week of the internet bagging on it. I'm not expecting Shakespeare, and to be honest, if it's shiny and moves fast that's a step up from nine out of ten actual Ghost Rider comics I remember.

Even though I haven't seen the movie yet, the toys are here and there, if you're lucky, and I picked up Caretaker last week.
It's tough to look intimidating with Chief Wiggum's handguns, but Caretaker might pull that off.
Caretaker comes with a removable hat, and a bigass hellfire shotgun thing. Does he have it in the movie, is it a holdover from the 90's Ghost Rider/Blaze comics, or is it just a typical projectile-launching accessory? Again, haven't seen it yet, so your guess is as good as mine. I was positive I had a couple of non-flaming .45's for him, but all I found right away were Chief Wiggums and Lou's from the Simpsons. Eh, close enough.

There's a great review for it over at, which did a pretty good job of selling me on it. The one thing poor 'Taker is missing is a flaming horse to ride on, so I did the best I could for him:
Haven't seen it yet, but I defy you to tell me that wouldn't make the movie better.
...and I have only a vague idea, since I bought him at a garage sale, but I think that's Strider, from the He-Man line? Or maybe not.

Also, my wife's been reading the Secret, from Oprah's show, and thinking all positive, so yesterday she achieved one of her short-term goals and bought a Miniature Pinscher. She named him, 'Sugarpie,' after Anna Nicole Smith's dog. I told you she was a big fan...she also is curious, with Anna and her son dead, what happened to Sugarpie. If Sugarpie is dead, it's a trifecta, Sherlocks. For that matter, a big 'Hi there!' to anyone misdirected here from Google; we talk about comic books here! Wait, come back!
I'm trying to convince my wife he's not a minpin, just a very young regular pinscher that will eventually be bigger than I am.
Tiny dog, which thankfully means tiny poop. The oldest is doing a great job watching and taking care, 'Sugarpie.' The youngest has discovered jealousy, and will hop on anyone's lap if the dog is on it. (Otherwise, he's liking the new dog fine.) And Sam, the bitey dog in the title, seems like an ogre in comparison, but is being nice too.

Now if I can just avoid stepping on the poor, rhinestone-collared bastard...

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