Monday, February 26, 2007

Hey Zemo? You kiss your mom with that mouth? Well, I do!
Oh, I would never let that bagheaded Nazi bastard hear the end of this.
From Captain America: The Medusa Effect #1, written by Roy Thomas, pencils by Rich Buckler and M.C. Wyman, inks by Jim Sanders III and Andrew Pepoy.

That's Captain America, in World War II, kissing Baron Heinrich Zemo's wife. She's the mom of the current Baron Zemo, Helmut, of former Thunderbolts fame. It's too bad Cap is too polite, or not mouthy enough, to rub either Zemo's face in it every single fight from then on. Although, it's probably in poor taste to remind the elder Zemo he can't kiss his wife with a bag on his head...

Getting burned by Captain America is probably like your dad getting a good crack in at your expense: it doesn't happen very often, and when it does, it stings something fierce. I wish Cap was a little mouthier, though, because it would be no end of fun to have Cap completely dog Zemo Senior or Junior every time they show up with the Masters of Evil or make a veiled comment about Bucky.

Of course, again, there's every possibility Cap barely remembers this, either; and not just because he kissed a lotta frauleins in the Big One. (Although, I guess he didn't...) Tomorrow, more World War II shenanigans that 'slipped his mind.'

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