Thursday, February 22, 2007

Re: Civil War #7
But...but...who will stop Batroc now?

Putting aside how pissed and disappointed I am personally in this whole debacle, and how Millar's ham-fisted metaphor of the American people choosing security over liberty pisses me off even more because there's at least 50% truth to it; does anyone else wonder if maybe Millar and Quesada don't owe Ed Brubaker an apology?

When did the last issue of Captain America come out? How about the last issue where Cap got to do anything? To the best of my recollection, the last two issues were the Red Skull's plot, and Cap in the background as S.H.I.E.L.D. gave Sharon Carter the hassle. It's almost tradition for crossovers to derail the plotlines in the regular book, but taking out the lead character is a bigger monkeywrench than usual.

I'll be the first to admit, I didn't buy Civil War #7: the spoilers at Newsarama, and Civil War in 30 Seconds from the Invincible Super-Blog hit the 'high' notes for me. And I don't want to go off on the fanboy entitlement: these are Marvel's characters, and the writers and editors at Marvel can do what they want to...I mean, with them.

But I totally see why I buy more toys than I do comics lately: when I buy an Iron Man toy, he's not a sellout going back on years of guarding his own secret identity by any means necessary. I buy a Punisher action figure, and he kills criminals, and doesn't murder the Plunderer. (With a name like 'Plunderer,' he's suffered enough!) I buy Captain America, and he stands up for what's right even when it's hard and unpopular.

Since I could complain about this until my typing fingers bleed, let's stop and accentuate the positive: it's over. OK...I am looking forward to Cable & Deadpool, which I've decided to pick up at least on the 'Pool-centric issues. One more issue of Ultimates and I'm done, which is nice. I plan on at least trying an issue or two of Fantastic Four with Dwayne McDuffie writing, and I can't wait for Nightcrawler to return in Ultimate X-Men.

Also, while I'm not sure anything will come of it, I'm kind of looking forward to Brubaker's Uncanny X-Men team to come back from space; to like 90 messages on their answering machines. "Hey guys! Anything happen while we were gone?...really? Clor?"

Ah, well. I remember hating the Crossing and Heroes Reborn when those were coming out, and now I can look back and laugh at them. Right, Cap?
'What, the Red Skull blew up Arkansas? Hey, that's on your watch, Tony.'
"It'll all be over soon" isn't the best mantra ever, but we do what we can.

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Chris said...

"When did the last issue of Captain America come out? How about the last issue where Cap got to do anything?"

Hear, hear! I've been wondering the same thing. Plus, I dig Red Skull and all, but 20 issues straight? Man.

I'd like some A.I.M. with a side of MODOK, please!

Hell, I'll order the Batroc Special at this point.