Saturday, March 03, 2007

Juan Jose Ryp's art is great, but exhausting.

No, not 'busy, like that panel,' 'busy reading a mismatched pile of comics.' The Comic Book Shop had a new restock of quarter books, and the boy and I hit them hard. Fifteen bucks worth, including a lot of Transformers, new and reprints, for the boy; who's going to have to do all number of horrible chores around the house to pay me back.

The above panel's from Frank Miller's Robocop #8, adapted by Steven Grant and Juan Jose Ryp. As I understand it, this is the ideal version of Frank's script for Robocop 2, but while this might be cool, it would only be filmable with a huge budget and special effects from five years from now. Not sure about the running time either, since this was a nine-issue series.

Juan Jose Ryp also did art for Angel Stomp Future with Warren Ellis, and he's done a lot of Avatar work. He can draw like hell, but the panels sometimes get so crowded and hectic it steps on the narrative flow. That's a minor criticism, since he does convey a frantic sense of action and movement, and it does encourage you to reread the comic to see what you've missed.

In other, sadder news, I may have to accept that my wife may never read comics, since even this did nothing for her:
It's less like a 'lobotomy' than it is like being drunk all the time, really.
Yeah, my wife's not going to become a comics reader, unless they get Anna Nicole or Paris Hilton comics in Us or InStyle or something...

Deep breath now: above from Marvel Romance Redux: Restraining Orders are for Other Girls, "Too Smart to Date!" Written by Robert Loring Fleming, based on the original story and art for "The Dream World of Doris Wilson" Art by Jack Kirby and Al Hartley. And I laughed and laughed when I saw this, but couldn't explain it to the wife at all...

Again, a big thanks to the Comic Book Shop, especially since the youngest ran away from me about twenty times, to try to climb stepladders and longboxes. I have no idea what he thought he'd find up there, but he was fighting his little heart out to get to the top. Check their site, as every week they've got a great checklist and newsletter. I'll be busy trying to get more change out of the couch for more books.

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