Sunday, March 04, 2007

If comic books were candy, I'd have just rotted out three molars.
When even Johnny Storm notices something, you know there's a problem.
From Spider-Man/Human Torch #2, "Catch you on the Flipside" Written by Dan Slott, pencils by Ty Templeton, inks by Nelson and Tom Palmer.

You know that feeling you get on Halloween, or maybe Easter if you're not a real practicing Christian but like the candy? Totally had that when I bought all those quarter books. And now that I spent the weekend reading 80+ new comics, I have that post-Halloween (or Easter) candy hangover. But for comics. Like ink fatigue, or something. I don't feel bloaty, except in my skull. Wasn't this Flaming Carrot's origin? (Pretty sure he read a thousand in one sitting, and thankfully my family interrupts me way too much for that to happen.)

A lot of those issues? Several were Marvel 'fifth week' or special events, like the most recent 2099 books or I (Heart) Marvel or Marvel Romance Redux, the redubbed classic romance comics. Then, a lot of limited series. Usually, I'm an easy mark for a deal on a complete limited series, but this time I bought a lot of random issues, some to finish runs I bought earlier (Batman: Dark Detective or Guardians), some just at random (Infinite Crisis #3, which still sucked for a quarter, versus The New Frontier #6, which is so good I should buy a ton and give them away for Halloween) and some I had never heard of before (Starjammers, Thor: Son of Asgard: you almost have to put in more effort to go this unseen).
Mine too, Kurt, mine too.
From X-Men Unlimited #7, "Double Feature" Written by Arvid Nelson, pencils by Lewis Larosa, inks by Tom Palmer.

I also read a pile of Transformers my boy picked out: Armada and G1 from before DreamWave sank, and some of IDW's reprints of the Marvel issues I read as a kid. All over the map there.

The best thing I read? Um, probably the Atheist #1, although there were others I really enjoyed as well.

I don't know how much of these would end up as blog fodder, at least on an initial read, but we'll see. And I'll doubtless be picking up more: I passed on a Daredevil and a Hulk limited series, because they were each an issue short of the complete set; but I may come back for them. Plus, after all these comics all at once, I figure I'll be jonesing pretty hard for more in a couple days...

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