Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Questionable costuming decisions:

I've been working on a post for the Unknown Soldier, which made me think of Negative Man, and Hush, and the Invisible Man...but despite all these examples, not everyone can pull off gauze as a costume.
Did anything even pose a challenge to Milla this whole movie?  Besides having to kiss Bruce Willis, I mean.
OK, Milla Jovovich can.

Maybe that's tape, not gauze: that would explain why Man-Wolf's so pissed off.
On the Man-Wolf, that's just confusing. Although, I guess if I had control of a werewolf, hell, why not dress him in an evening gown and long gloves, just to confuse the issue?

It's...it's like John's crotch is wrapped in bandages.  And wrapped tightly.  Uncomfortable, and not just for him.
And on John Jameson...I dunno, maybe. You make the call!

From Amazing Spider-Man #190, "In Search of the Man-Wolf!" Written by Marv Wolfman, layouts by John Byrne, finishes by Jim Mooney.

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