Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Time for...Guess that Mignola Panel!
Oh, I know you don't know this one.
I was cleaning up my comic room this afternoon, and a shelf collapsed on me. Including this comic, luckily enough. Eventually, I regained consciousness and was able to feebly call for my dog, who came down, licked my face, circled twice, and lay down. Sometime later, my wife wondered where the dog had gotten to, and found me...

Well, maybe it wasn't that bad, but the disorganization is reaching critical mass. This next issue was also in a random box, and was recently reprinted:
And in this panel, Fafhrd kills That Yellow Bastard.
As long as we're here, my hard drive had some more Mike Mignola art, some of which I've posted before, some I hadn't got around to yet.
You can tell this one's old, it's from What the?! was funny.
I also remember a ton of covers from him for Marvel in the early 90's--a batch of X-Men Classics and assorted annuals.
Yeah, I've used this one before, but I really like it.
Then there's Cosmic Odyssey, Gotham by Gaslight...
Insert smoking section joke here.
Amazing Screw-On Head, Dr. Gosburo Coffin (sp? I just put that one away, damnit)...
And I know you needed more Rocket Raccoon in your lives.  Yeah.
...a batch of DC annual covers that were often the highpoint of the book, a really good Legends of the Dark Knight...
There's a variant action figure based on this particular issue, that I thought was Hellboy 'with Japanese head.'
One of my son's favorite comics, one of the first he ever read, was Hellboy: the Corpse, which he still loves. ("What do babies like?") Thanks, Mr. Mignola. I'll be with you for the rest of Hellboy, regardless of who draws it.

Tomorrow: answers for each panel! Mostly because I wanna go to bed.

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CalvinPitt said...

Is that first picture from a comic called The Machine? I had the first issue (I think that's what it was) never read it, gave it away, but I remember the cover.