Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I got nothin'.
Yeah, big surprise there.
Out of office. Had the day off, but it was so the Youngest could go in for an MRI. That kid absolutely did not want to be touched by the nurses and such, so it's no surprise he also fought like hell to avoid the needle, too. He was sedated for a bit, and came out of it pretty quickly, although he staggered like a drunk for an hour or so. Anyway, I ended up more tired today than if I had gone to work. More tomorrow, and the rest of the Mike Parobeck Dr. Light pictures are up, so check them out.

From Justice League Unlimited #10, "Madness...Madness...They call it Madness!" Written by Adam Beechen, pencils by Carlo Barberi, inks by Walden Wong.

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