Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When the X-Men break something, you know it's broken.
Did I say 'triple checked'? Because I meant to say, 'hooked up to a couple of car batteries.'

That would be kind of nice, actually. None of this hemming and hawing about, wondering if I have to defrag the files or reinstall drivers or update my graphics card or turn the computer on-and-off real fast. A simple, binary, yes or no answer to computer problems, the X-Men way:

1. Turn on computer.

2. Computer explodes, taking monitor, desk, and bystanders with it; destroying all information as it melts into a puddle of ozone-scented goo.

3. Set up new computer.


This was from Avengers Annual #10, "By Friends--Betrayed!" Written by Chris Claremont, pencils by Mike Golden, inks by Armando Gil. It was recently reprinted (in an edited form) and packed in with the Ms. Marvel action figure from Marvel Legends, although she only appears in costume for two panels of flashback. Really, Storm has a longer cameo in this thing, and I'm pretty sure I've complained about this before, but it's a glaring fumble.

In a more cheerful note, this is from like the third or fourth issue I can think of, from about the same timeframe, where the X-Men seem to put more effort into repairing/upgrading/cleaning the Danger Room than they do using it. And look where that got them...

Made the call today to get highspeed, so I'm going to be running pretty quiet over here until then. Loading pictures takes too long and the failure rate's too high to do a long post right this second, but I promise to get more panels from that Parobeck Dr. Light story up later. longer will I have to try over and over to load a single goddamn panel, clicking 'upload image' again and again like a frickin' chimp. I am by no means breaking my back blogging, but when it feels like uploading takes more time than writing the entries, or even reading the comics themselves, then something's amiss. Then again, after badmouthing it for five minutes, it finally went through. Grr. We'll have to see what else trickles out this week...

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