Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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Why does Golgoth bother to use a sword? Well, sometimes you don't want to get your hands dirty.
Wow, if you had told me this morning I'd have a Queensrÿche reference today, I would've outright scoffed. But, while I forgot to pick up Cable and Deadpool today at the comic shop--it would be a regular if it was Agent X and Deadpool--I got Empire #0-6 out of the quarter box.

Seven issues for cheaper than cover price on one, and now I worry that Mark Waid and Barry Kitson are going to show up on my doorstep demanding back pay. Don't feel bad, guys! I got Shockrockets the same way...and now Busiek and Immonen will be joining the mob.

I blazed through the series this evening, while the Wife watched American Idol (and AOL blew the surprise for her, since I'm on Pacific time). I think I've been a fan of the Waid/Kitson team since the stellar (and wrongly, wrongly, retconned) JLA: Year One and the occasional Legion of Super-Heroes. (It's not you, guys: Legion's huge cast has always been hit and miss with me. I don't think I've ever liked Cosmic Boy, even during the Giffen years. Or Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Shrinking Violet...I thought 'Micro Lad' was clever, though.)

There's a lot going on in this series, and while it's a complete story; there are a lot of loose ends and red herrings, probably left in case they ever want to do a sequel. For example, the Pranksterlution, which is left vague; or the alluded-to incident in the main villain, Golgoth's past that put him on the path to world domination. Also, upon thinking about it for a minute, it seems like there were more scenes with Golgoth and his daughter Delfi, then scenes of Golgoth being evil. I guess it's a sliding scale of evil, though: Golgoth does things Lex Luthor or Dr. Doom would never be allowed to, but it doesn't seem as evil evil as some scenes from Preacher or even Wanted.

I like Kitson's art, although I wouldn't read Legion back-to-back with Empire, since some of the faces seem very similar: in the last issue, Dess has the same face and hair that would be used for Light Lass. And I need to re-read the whole thing to let it settle in my mind, since as I read it I was thinking Golgoth's plans were both more and less intricate, in different places. It's not quite the magnum opus for Waid and Kitson, but a step in the right direction. Still, a right fine evening read, especially for $1.75, eh?

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fin fang doom said...

How can you go wrong with Waid and Kitson? JLA: Year One is probably the best JLA story I've ever read (unless you count Kingdom Come or New Frontier as JLA stories), and S&TLOSH is consistently one of my favorite DC titles. Man, I really wish my local store's cheap comic bin was filled with stuff like Empire instead of random issues of Wonder Man and ALF.