Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I know I'm alive, but I don't know why.
'I can't feel my hat!  My head must've fallen asleep!'
Like I was complaining just a bit ago: Hawkman's wings aren't real. That doesn't hurt. It's embarrassing and Despero's got a pretty good grip on your neck, but aside from getting feathers all over the Batcave, no real harm done.

Later in the issue, we do see Hawkman flying without the wings, which looks less silly when you don't see the wings right there; and he also smacks Batman about the face and shoulders, with Batman's own grandfather clock. I consider the 'Wake up!' in that panel Hawkman trying to get Batman out of Despero's control, and not a lame clock joke. If it was supposed to be a joke, well, no one expects Hawkman to be the funny one, I suppose.
'Sure, Carter (heh!) I'll give you a lift! (snort!)
I wanted the panel above because Carter looks so sad clutching his broken wings, but it also has one of my least favorite post-Crisis revisions: Superman copping out. I got so fed up with the Byrne-era Supes not being part of the Justice League because he was 'too busy.' He was, but that's not the point. My point is Superman would've tried to help, if he was needed, no matter what.

Actually, the way that could read, is that Superman is simply leaving J'onn holding the bag as to finding new League members, which isn't as bad. And also explains J'onn's glumass expression.

'Seven Hells, Dinah, I'm so cold...hold me.'From JLA #119, "Crisis of Conscience, conclusion" Written by Geoff Johns and Allen Heinberg, pencils by Chris Batista, inks by Mark Farmer.


SallyP said...

Oh, I think that Superman was definitely leaving J'onn holding the bag. I've noticed that poor J'onn always seems to be the one stuck with the grunt work, the cleaning up, and so on.

He's not their maid, but you'd never know it.

Rich said...

Y'know, assuming those wings are anchored to Hawkman's harness pretty solidly, having them ripped off while your neck is providing the only point of leverage for the maneuver has got to hurt some. At the very least it's got to feel like being in a car crash with a seatbelt on...the harness straps dig into your chest, your head snaps around, and you're liable to wind up with at least some whiplash and bruising. So maybe an "Arrgh!" is in order.

Or maybe they're breakaway wings, and he was just thinking "Arrgh! Third time my wings have been torn off this week!"