Sunday, April 08, 2007

This Sunday, you can either go to church, or spend the day reading Conan.
Face the thing from between the speakers!
Yeah, guess which one I went with. That joke's shamelessly stolen from an old promo for Mystery Science Theatre 3000's Gamera marathon. Which, by the way, I didn't get to see all of, because back in the day, this particular cable provider was running VH1 during the day and Comedy Central starting about 5 PM. Still mad about that, since the rights on the Gamera episodes are up in the air and I never got to see them.

So, I had a particular Conan issue in mind, and of course I couldn't find it. With the possible exception of the Punisher, I have lost more Conan comics than any other: lent out, swiped, or destroyed over more than twenty years. I still occasionally read the new Dark Horse ones, and even though those issues are generally far better than a lot of the later Marvel ones, it's still not the same.

Anyway, Happy Easter, and hopefully all your chocolate bunnies came with ears.
And, another panel not related to Easter at all.
From "Monster of the Monoliths!" and "The Twilight of the Grim Grey God!" Written by Roy Thomas, art by Barry Windsor-Smith. Reprinted in Conan Saga #1 and #7.

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