Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Captain Midlands there could be talking about anything: comics, comic movies, comic cons...
Anything except comic blogs, of course.  Seriously.
Flargh. The Oldest has also contracted the stomach flu, the ick, whatever it is the Wife and Youngest have already picked up. It would seem to be only a matter of time until I myself fall victim to this bug's pukey vileness; but I'm not worried. Thanks to exposure to Stephen King's masterwork the Stand at a young and impressionable age, I've spent years fighting colds and flus with every fiber of my being, as if any one of them could be the dreaded Captain Trips, and showing so much as a sniffle would seal my fate. Yes, I've devoted many a winter to training my immune system to fight off SARS, asian flu, bird flu...

Ooh, I'm jinxing myself something fierce now.

Today's panel is from Wisdom #4, "The Rudiments of Wisdom, part 4: Too Many Jacks" Written by Paul Cornell, pencilled by Manuel Garcia, inks by Mark Farmer. I've mentioned this series more than once, and just finally read the whole thing at once this evening, while I chewed on an okay cut of sirloin and the rest of the family had diet 7Up. It's a good read, and again I encourage you to pick up the trade. I have no links or evidence to back this up, but man, I think a lot of bloggers read this and liked it. Everyone that read it may have blogged about it. They're trying to tell you something.

Coincidentally, in light of the Heroes for Hire tentacle cover hoopla of late (no links 'cause I'm tired! You can find it!) the series does feature a bit of icky tentacle danger, and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. The tentacles don't go into hentai territory, though...

It would've been nice to have Trevor Hairsine on the whole series, but I'm okay with having the series done in a reasonable amount of time. (When sales didn't materialize, Hairsine was probably moved to other work...) Garcia does a very good job up to the tailend of the last issue, and I particularly didn't like the second to last page. Although, the last panel of that page may have been a homage to that particular character that I didn't recognize, in which case I'm ashamed of my ignorance. Although I didn't think that particular character was British. Although, I could be thinking of Kamandi.

Well, now you'll just have to read it yourself, and let me know.

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