Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hey, it's our first recipe here!
Actually, I've made this, and it's not half-bad.
Even though he's probably better known for his Iron Man or Valiant work, I was a huge fan of Bob Layton for his Hercules. He pretty much took the character for himself for a number of years there.

In 1982, after the success of Contest of Champions, Marvel debuted two more new limited series: Wolverine with Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, and Hercules. Hercules and Layton went on for another limited series, a graphic novel, um, a few issues of Marvel Comics Presents and this five-page bit from Marvel Tales #197. And Wolverine went on to...Yeah, we all know which one went on to bigger and better things; but still, I have to wonder how comics would be different today if Hercules had outsold Wolvie...comics would be more fun, doubtless.

It's also the only comic I've seen before or since with Galactus laughing, and that makes the whole thing priceless.

It's funny, but I think I've bought this issue like three separate times. Sometimes Marvel Tales would reprint books with shorter page counts, and have to fill up space, usually with Spider-Ham stories around this time. Still, I remember there were some oddballs in there, like short X-Men stories and this one.

Anyway, should have a longer post later this week. For some reason, I ended up preparing a bunch of Batman, or Batman-related, stuff all at once, so I'm trying to break it up some. I think I also might have to try to make a dinner that doesn't come out of a box now, though.

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