Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This could be the most difficult case of my career.
You might have to be a super-sleuth to figure out who some of these guys are.
Eleven crimes, huh? Let's see:

Batman: Juvenile endangerment, excessive force complaints.
Batgirl: Trademark infringement...how old is Robin?
Martian Manhunter: Impersonating a police officer, violation of immigration statutes.
Human Target: Unregistered firearms, identity theft. Lots of counts of identity theft.
Roy Raymond, TV Detective: Smoking in a public place, violation of FCC anti-smoking, anti-profanity statutes.
Captain Compass, Nautical Detective: Impersonating a naval officer.
Good lord, was this Comics Code approved? If the heroes are guilty of at least eleven crimes, what are the bad guys doing? Oh...Batman meant "11 Crimes committed" inside this issue. Oopsie. And that's why I never went into law, law enforcement, any fields that require attention to detail...

Cover by Jim Aparo, DC Blue Ribbon Digest #30. Not the best digest ever, but the Jason Bard and Human Target stories aren't bad--Frank Robbins and Carmine Infantino.

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