Friday, June 29, 2007

What's more unusual?
Sharpen your pencils now!
It's time for a, I'm not being lazy. Well, yeah, totally. What's the weirdest, most unusual or nonsensical thing in the above panels?

A. Batman plotting a course on a star chart. It makes sense in the context of a Brave and the Bold issue, but isn't this exactly the sort of thing that drives the movie people and Batman purists insane?

B. Apparently, the Guardians of the Universe think it takes one GL from earth to do the jobs of a lizard guy, a plant guy, and um, a rock guy, I guess. I'm probably being too hard on them, they're probably like the Exposition Guard or something, just doing their jobs. Anyway, if human Lanterns were so effective, earth wouldn't need like five of them, eh?

C. I'm not sure I've ever seen a caption box open with 'Aye' before. Who's narrating this, Conan?

D. How the, why the hell is Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, flying like that?
I've never felt so free!'s like space yoga. Or, "In the Kirby issues, Thor ran like this!"

OK, that wasn't much of a quiz at all. Anyway, panels from Brave and the Bold #155, "Fugitive from Two Worlds!" Written by Bob Haney, art by Jim Aparo, and B&B could've gone for 400 issues all by those two and it wouldn't be enough. Hell, I only got to the fifth page before I had to blog this, so there might be more from this one. Pretty sure Batman sucker punches Hal at some point...

I had something else planned for today, but the pictures wouldn't load, and it's an opinion I am either going to get cold indifference or utter distain for. And I had something planned for next week, then remembered it was the Fourth next week. Now I have no idea what I'm doing, as usual.

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SallyP said...

Where would Batman even GET a star chart?

Want to know a secret? Hal really isn't that great. And yes, he is flying a bit like a dork in that panel.

Seriously, I love Hal, but I've never quite understood why they all think that he's the greatest thing since sliced cheese, pre-Parallax. It must be the hair.