Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm crushing your head!...Oh, geez, sorry, I thought I was further away there.
I'm your daddy now!
Last week I did finally watch Ghost Rider: not too bad, although I'm not a huge fan of the character.

I am a big Hellboy fan, though, so I got the new animated DVD, Blood and Iron. Poe Ghostal's review at MWC Toys (and heads-up over at OAFE) tipped me to the Best Buy Exclusive, which was on sale last week. Which means I probably should've done this earlier. Oh, well.

Even though the animated-style Hellboy has little bitty feet that aren't real stable without his stand (or propped up by his tail) I love this figure for one feature my other Hellboy figures lack: interchangeable Right Hands of Doom, including a fist that isn't clenched/shut tight. Which means I can finally set this up:
Probably an easier way to get this without cramming it in the, that was the easiest way, yeah.
And a good excuse to re-read this novel, too. I liked the previous one, The Lost Army, but this one's better. Partly because I'm also a Thor fan, but also because it was a story that works better as a novel than it would've as a comic. I freely admit, after years of Marvel Thor comics, that's the version I'll always think of. Nevermind that it's not very accurate.
Of course, Sandman's costume doesn't look right to me either, but that's probably not just me.
So, I don't usually like other versions of Thor. This one predates the Marvel one by years, yet seems fake to me. (Of course, in the story it's a fake Thor anyway.) Pretty sure Erik Larsen had a version in Savage Dragon as well, but I just can't accept other versions. Hell, I'm not even sure about Thor's new costume...
Hammers for everyone!
If Mignola had drawn this as a comic, my eyes would expect the hammer to look like Mjolnir there. (It's spelled with two l's in the novel, which also looks weird to me, although that's probably more accurate as well.)

I can't wait for Thor to get made into a movie, because I need a toy hammer of my own. Then, I think I'll fill it with nickels...

Oh, and definitely pick up Blood and Iron. It's got vampires, werewolves, and major mythological figures lining up to get asskicked by Hellboy; and a short bonus adaptation of Iron Shoes with the Simpsons Dan Castellaneta! Best Buy may still have some left with the figure, or Walmart had it packaged with a bonus digest comic. Rumor has it sales of this one will decide if the next one will be made, and while it looks like it will, you could help me out here...

Sandman panel reprinted in Adventure Comics #499, "The Villain from Valhalla!" By Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

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