Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sometimes, I think I'd enjoy Twitter. Not just because all the cool kids are doing it, but because I'll think of something, and have to make a note so I can look it up later. Then I'll forget, won't remember it again until some time when I'm busy, forget it again...that can go on for a while.

For example: is Condorman out on DVD? Discussing comic book movies, I thought I may be easier on them than most, partly because of my affection towards the characters; but also because I'm old and can remember when we didn't have Spider-Man, Hulk, or Iron Man movies, we had Condorman. Hard, dark times, kids. I don't think Condorman was terrible, but I don't remember it as knocking my socks off, either. And I liked the Black Hole, so I was easily impressed.

This is where I should take three seconds and look it up, but...meh, it'll keep.

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