Monday, January 05, 2009

Timing, part fourteen.

Reusing that first panel there, I wanted Deathstroke's first word balloon to cover Pool's, but couldn't get the program to do it without them printing together. Oh, well. I forget who did Deathstroke's voice on the Teen Titans cartoon, but I hear that very John Malkovich-sounding voice for him. Crossbones, I hear Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bullseye...hmm. I'd have to think about it.

Before I ever read a Daredevil comic, I was working my way through the OHOTMU, better known as Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. And I hit Bullseye pretty early, then: a stone-cold killer, who could murder with paper clips, playing cards, a paper airplane. My initial reaction, as a little kid, was incredulity: there was no way someone could do that. Right? (Well, yeah, probably not, but if you're gonna accept that he's also fighting a blind guy with radar sense, in for a penny...)

So, Bullseye is far too dangerous not to be dealt with first. Especially since he seems to be escalating from, well, psycho-killer to worse. Interestingly, in Moon Knight #25, he seems more than willing to fight hand-to-hand as well:
Oddly, there were two Bullseye appearances that week, and Talking Heads references in both issues.
From Moon Knight #25, "The Death of Marc Spector, chapter five" Written by Mike Benson, art by Mark Texeira, layouts by Javier Saltares. Damn good issue, really. I don't see a lot of people talking up this book lately, but it has had some moments.

Bullseye's a scarier guy than Deathstroke, Crossbones, and a lot of other villains; because there's every probability that he's going to snap and kill you. Even if you're on his side, even if he's almost a friend, even if you think he's under your control. Maybe especially then. And Bullseye's not going to use Joker-toxin or a death ray or adhesive X; he's going to use something pointy. Knife? Letter opener? Cable bill? Scary, scary.

Well, he's dead now. Is Nightcrawler a killer? Next episode Thursday!


SallyP said...

Whoa! Hardcore Nightcrawler there, doing his Wonder Woman thing! On the other hand, it's an interesting use of his powers, and his pragmatism.

Have I mentioned before that you write the BEST Deadpool?

Sea_of_Green said...

That Bullseye figure is one of the meanest-looking action figures I've ever seen.

Either that, or he just has a really bad case of constipation. ;-)

CalvinPitt said...

I like Kurt being swashbuckling and cheerful, but every once in awhile it's nice to see him get tough (I feel much the same way about Spider-Man).

I know it was an altered universe, but I still fondly remember an Age of Apocalypse tie-in where Kurt killed Deadpool (or Dead Man Wade) by teleporting behind him, then 'porting away, Wade's head coming along for the ride.

Oh, and the guy who did Deathstroke's voice on the cartoon was Ron Pearlman (aka Hellboy).

googum said...

Sally: Thanks, but I'd be happy as hell if I worked my way up to third best Deadpool writer, behind Kelly and Simone! Actually, the last issue, with the zombie nurses was pretty sweet too...

Sea: Bullseye got in because he was packaged with...I'm going to say Galactus' leg. He is one of my favorite villains, in the sense that I really hate him.

Cal: Damnit, I should've known Perlman! I was watching an old Batman episode, and had forgotten he did Clayface there. And the A of A issues, old Warren Ellis, love 'em. Been trying to work up a joke for that forever...