Thursday, January 15, 2009

Timing, part seventeen.

If you were expecting more from a Deadpool/Deathstroke fight, might I direct you to Fanwank!, where Pete nailed the hell out of that one earlier. But the little Deadpool coming at you would just be creepy as all hell, and his weird four-sausage-fingered hands on you? Ugh.

Pool first used the molecular compressor in "Date Night, part two" and bought it from MODOK in "Like the opposite of a moped..." So, I've had some of this story in mind for a while, and it's probably going to go a while longer.

"Ellis-Fu" is a bit of snark referring to the Midnighter, from Warren Ellis' run on Stormwatch and the Authority. When he was introduced, it wasn't just, "Look! Gay Batman!" Midnighter was a genuinely scary bastard, with a head crammed full of "enhancements" that enabled him to play out a fight, every possible move from every angle, before it even began. Sort of the same way a chess computer could plot a hundred moves ahead after your first, the better for crushing you.

I always sort of figured Midnighter was cranky because his "power" was on all the time. He probably couldn't have a conversation with his own teammates without a constant possible series of punches, kicks, and chokeholds running through his head. At any rate, it was such a good idea, I think it's been swiped. A lot.


CalvinPitt said...

I love that line comparing Slade to a dog trying to see color.

SallyP said...

Magnificent. Utterly, utterly magnificent.

Ace said...

"This is worse!" - Brilliant.

And you raise an interesting point about Midnighter...
Apollo: "Hey Midnighter, want some jello?"
*Kick, stab, drown in jello*
Apollo: "... Midnighter...?"
*Door, push, TNT*
Apollo: "... Uhhh..."
Midnighter: "Sure."