Friday, January 23, 2009

Your Happenstance panel for today:

The Transformers like to watch, I guess...
From Unlimited Access #1, "No Time Like the Present!" Written by Karl Kesel, pencils by Pat Oliffe, inks by Al Williamson. It's a fun enough little series, although you kind of wish they'd drop the Access character and the Amalgamations like Redwing, Thor-El, and Captain America Jr; to focus on the weird face-offs. Why hasn't there been a Challengers of the Unknown/Fin Fang Foom prestige format book? Because Marvel and DC hate the laughter of children, that's why.

Admittedly, some of those fights are based more on temporal convenience, than weight class: Enemy Ace against Phantom Eagle would be a quick one, with the rest of the issue given to the Ace hanging out with the wolves. I'd have to say the odds are strongly against Anthro, facing Devil Dinosaur; and Atlas versus Hercules shouldn't be much of a battle: Marvel Herc over DC Atlas in a walk. And the Two-Gun Kid would be well advised to ride clear of Jonah Hex.

A heads-up for Brandon Dwayne, "the canoe guy" (EDIT: Son of a bitch! Sorry about that!) over at Matching Dragoons: Jonah adds one to his lifetime body count this issue. Of course, then Access tries to save him from being shot in the back and loses Jonah in time, and possibly out of his own universe. (Wait, was the DC Universe the red giant or the blue one? Ah, well.) Even with a lot of time-travel and accidental crossovers the rest of this limited, they never come back to Jonah, nor it is specifically noted that he was put back where he belongs either. Then again, since Marvel and DC are currently not best buds, it's doubtful this one'll ever come up again.


SallyP said...

They forgot to put Jonah Hex back where he belongs? That's rather careless of them. Dangerous too.

SUBZERO said...

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googum said...

Done and done! I'll be checking out your blog today! And anyone else, well, I'm all about the sidebar links...I read a lot of blogs. Give me a heads up to add yours, if it's not there!

Anonymous said...

Two-gun kid is probably hosed, yeah, but unlike Jonah, he smuggled guns from the future.

I'm not saying having a rocket launcher would stop Hex. I'm just saying it could buy some time.

CRY HAVOK!!! said...

I was unsure of link exchange etiquette myself, so I'm glad someone else brought it up. I put a link to here on my new blog, and it would be very awesome if you did the same, but only if you feel it's worthy.

With that out of the way, I really have been reading through and enjoying your archives, especially the toy theater strips. Keep it up!

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Brandon? Brandon?!?!?!

I think you have me confused with the guy that ran Random Panels.

googum said...

You are correct! I'm really sorry about that! Damnit!

SUBZERO said...


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