Thursday, January 29, 2009

Timing, part twenty-one.

I used to babysit a lot when I was a kid, and it's fun for a while, but eventually you've eaten all the host's food that you can find, been through the channels, and played with all the kids' toys; yet there's still the indeterminable wait for the parents to come home. (I was too young a babysitter and too goody-goody for advanced activities like Raid the Liquor Cabinet or Quest for Porn.) Where is Cable? Your guess is as good as mine! I was going to check on him, but that fell through, sorry.

Mailing away Deathstroke, Crossbones, and the corpse formerly known as Bullseye seems like an appropriate punishment, and something that'll shut them up: no way badasses like that are going to willingly admit getting beatdown and mailed away...

I haven't posted them all, but so far I've done forty-nine pages for "Timing." And it's still not done, so Nightcrawler and Deadpool are going to be babysitting for a good while longer. Eventually, I'll have a post with all the pages together...that oughta grind your computer to a halt. Once "Timing" wraps, my goal was to do a strip without Kurt and Pool, and instead with some figures I haven't used before. Which means, I had probably better just buy some new toys, since it would be too much work to see who hasn't shown up in the backgrounds somewhere already.

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SallyP said...

The joy of babysitting.

Frankly, mailing the bad guys to an undisclosed location seems to be a pretty inventive way of disposing of one's enemies. More superheroes should use it.