Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Deadshot's closing thought? Ooh, so unprintable. Even by my standards!

Hopefully by now, I've gotten to the comic shop to pick up Nemesis: the Imposters, since I was kinda looking forward to it. And I did! Like the previous series (Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape, where Nemesis didn't even get cover billing on probably the best covers he's ever had) there's a lot going on and none of it can be taken at face value. But it loses some points for using one of my least-favorite villains, who admittedly I'm surprised the Batman editorial team let be used.

Just like last time, I'm willing to give writer Ivan Brandon some rope to see how it plays out; although I'm glad it's only a four-issue limited this time. Of course, Nemesis is really getting a book as a name-block to Mark Millar's new project; but we'll put that aside for the time being.

The DC Direct Diana Prince figure was another one that I picked up on the cheap, and had no real plans for. It would either be kinda weird and creepy for Nemesis to be disguising himself as his ex, or it could be possibly justified revenge at Diana's leading him on to try and use him as breeding stock...apparently, he loved her, but she didn't and just wanted kids? What's up with that?

Next week: the aftermath of Deadpool's first Suicide Squad mission! It goes about as well as you'd expect...


CATR's Chris said...

LOL. Heroes are such dorks sometimes!

SallyP said...

That's actually a rather gorgeous Diana figure. But the fact that neither of them even noticed the tasering and all just cracks me up.