Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"Deadman? Dead End? Dead Zone? That's not it..."

Long one today! Click to enlarge!

Points for guessing what I was playing that week!
Next week: Deadpool's mission with the Suicide Squad! Maybe. I probably won't know until like the day before...

And, another short one is up at Articulated Discussion, featuring among others, the Question! I did a few strips with him, including a longer one I liked a lot. That one will be later, but check out today's!


SallyP said...

Oh God, Deadpool on the Suicide Squad. Even Waller may be somewhat taken aback. This is so good.

googum said...

There actually IS an Amanda Waller figure, in the JLU line; but it's undersized for my purposes! I have a couple characters in mind, not all of whom are gonna be in the first one, but that have DCUC figures and were in the classic Squad!

Oddly, I didn't read the Suicide Squad a ton when it come out, but I remember the issues I had pretty fondly.