Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"If he be worthy, or Poolhammer."

Let's see here: off the top of my head, these heroes were at the Secret Wars:
Captain America (dead from 2007-2009)
Thor (dead/MIA 2004-2007)
Iron Man--Jim Rhodes, now War Machine
Captain Marvel--Monica Rambeau
Wasp (currently dead since 2008)
Hawkeye (dead 2004-2007)
Human Torch
Mr. Fantastic (dead 1993-1995)
the Thing (dead briefly in 2004, but that was a good one)
Colossus (dead 2001-2004)
Cyclops (dead 2000-2001)
Magneto (multiple times)
Professor X
Wolverine (probably? A couple fake ones, anyway)
Lockheed (even he was thought to be dead once)
Nightcrawler (just a coma, 1986-1988)

Actually, that wasn't off the top of my head at all; I had to look up most of those dates. And this doesn't count stuff like being lost in space--Professor X has been off-planet for years, on multiple occasions; so has the Hulk. Or the year or so the Avengers and Fantastic Four were believed dead for the Lee/Liefeld Heroes Reborn reboot attempt.

Did I miss any? I wouldn't even hazard a guess at doing this for the villains that were at the Secret Wars--especially since characters like Dr. Doom, Ultron, and the Absorbing Man seemingly 'die' most every defeat. Still, if you've been reading Blackest Night, it seems like even more DC characters have shuffled off the mortal coil...then stumbled back, I guess. I think Black Canary was the most major DC character I could come up with that hadn't been dead at some point or another.

A couple quick notes: I don't know if I got the idea for the Secret Wars reunion barbeque from Bleeding Cool, but they did post Secret Wars in a pub, so check that out. And while I know I've seen other people pinned and/or crushed by Thor's hammer, Mini Marvel's Chris Giarrusso nails that bit in "Welcome Back Thor" in Thor #600. Super funny, and it also hits the highlights of Thor's return and the utter dickery of Iron Man, among others.

And of course, we covered Deadpool #37 here some time ago; suffice to say, Deadpool is not on the short list of those who can pick up Mjolnir. But, the Deadpool/Suicide Squad strips will continue next week! Probably.


James Figueiredo said...

I would SO TOTALLY BUY a "Secret Wars Annual Reunion Barbecue" special it's not even funny.

CalvinPitt said...

I'm in total agreement with James. Also, Colossus didn't die until 2001? Wow, for some reason I had him pegged as biting it around, I don't know, '98 or something. They really kept the Legacy Virus going for awhile, didn't they?

Daniel said...

Oh if only the voices would go away...

chiasaur11 said...

To be fair to Clint, Hawkeye's generally surprisingly useful in these circumstances.

The second time Doom took over the entire world? Hawkeye was one of the handful of heroes able to help.

Grandmaster uses zombies to kill the Avengers and destroy a fifth of the Universe?

Hawkeye is one of the two survivors, saves the day.

And then there was the Avengers JLA crossover.

I guess what I'm saying is, you want to win a big cosmic beatemup, Hawkeye's probably a better pick for the team than Galactus. How weird is that.

googum said...

Reckon the barbeque would have a big whiteboard every year, with headings like "DEAD," "LOST," and "DRUNK." And maybe "EVIL."

Daniel, do you not like the dueling caption boxes the Deadpool books are doing now? I'm kind of split on that one: it's a good narrative device for a character to work without a supporting cast, it shows how broken his head is, and more often than not, it's funny. Deadpool #900 had some writers use the boxes pretty well, like when one box turns off the other for not getting on board. That said, it's a bit too crazy sometimes, and it does seem a cheat to not have to develop backup players.

And good point, chiasaur! I do like Hawkeye, even if I like pitching him crap. (I like him better than Green Arrow.) Like a lot of characters, I miss fun Hawkeye, back when he was Avengers' second banana, shooting his mouth off. I don't even know Ronin...

Daniel said...

If there had been a 'breaking point' like the last time Deadpool started having delusions, i might be less hateful about them. But since they're thrown in because 'lawl deadpool is crazy!' and because Daniel Way has no idea of what continuity is, or or how to give a character his 'spin' or personal touch without completely ignoring past behavior, I hate them.

The biggest problem is: Deadpool was never that crazy, nor was he as stupid as Way writes him. The humor is to each their own, but I miss the subtle jokes that most anyone except Scallia and Way have used.

Deadpool is manic-depressive/bipolar, at best/worst. Throwing in skitzo behavior and delusions for no reason, as well as relying on crossovers instead of an actual overall arch, i have no respect for Way's Deadpool and hope it gets retconned by someone who does know the character.