Monday, March 08, 2010

If you're an action figure collector, you probably feel Hank's pain here:

This is probably a pretty typical afternoon at the West Coast Avengers compound: at the time, Hank Pym wasn't shrinking or enlarging himself, but other weapons, which he would then carry in his jumpsuit's pockets. Or lose in the couch, either or.

Yes, I'll own up to this... If you collect action figures, particularly G.I. Joe or Star Wars figures, it's a given that this has happened to you at some point. Admit it.

Surprising amount of butt shots in eight pages here... And there's little more aggravating and embarrassing than searching forever, only to find...a different gun than the one you were looking for. Over the course of the story, Hawkeye finds a gum wrapper, a dime, and the "non-Euclidian geometric protractor," proving he has the sharpest eyes on the team, and that the Avengers are slobs.

From Avengers West Coast Annual #5, "Honey, I shrunk the hyperatomic anti-proton cannon!" Written by Carrie Barre, pencils by James Fry, inks by Chris Ivy.


Jon the action figures buff said...

Poor Hank... did they end up finding the gun or did it all blew up?

googum said...

Spoiler warning! It was in the one place they didn't look: Wonder Man's popcorn bowl. Somehow. (Simon says Hank won't let him move, since if he stepped on it, he's heavy enough that it would go off.)

Oddly, when Simon returned to the Avengers, he had been dead for a long time, and was deathly afraid of dying it were. Eventually, it seems like he got over that, and his invulnerability seems to have replaced common sense...

SallyP said...

Hawkeye does have his uses apparently.

And that's an awful lot of butts in the air, as it were!

Fanboy Wife said...

If he was looking for his keys, then I would completely understand.