Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'd say lift with your knees, but it won't help...

While I wasn't as big a fan of Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz's Thor--to be fair, anyone following Walt Simonson on that one would've had a tough time of it--they did have their moments. In one issue guest-starring the Avengers, former Captain America Steve Rogers, at the time just the Captain, lifts Thor's hammer Mjolnir. I don't think he smites anyone with it, sadly; but he passes it off to Thor in time for him to do something.

Unlike using Green Lantern's ring, Cap usually can't just pick up Mjolnir; and neither can most of the other characters who have done so in the past. After Superman uses Mjolnir in Avengers/JLA, Thor explains that doing so is a special occasion, last-ditch, hail mary; not membership to the club.

I had to look up which of Cap-Bucky's arms were the replacement, feels like I haven't read Cap in ever. I was tradewaiting Rebirth or whatever, then ended up reading Who Will Wield the Shield early. How do people refer to Cap-Bucky now? There should be something pithy to call him, but I don't like that name, not as much as DickBat for Dick Grayson as Batman; yet Cap is Cap to me. They don't call him Buck, do they? 'Cause that just makes me think of Kill Bill.

Next week is also looking like a ton of overtime for me; so I'm hoping to get a batch of posts, homemade strips, and sleep in this weekend. Now that I've said that, something will happen, so we'll see.


chiasaur11 said...

Seems that Beta Ray Bill is probably the most worthy, what with the kicking Thor's hindquarters and the like.

Man, Beta Ray Bill is awesome.

nevalia said...

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CalvinPitt said...

I like parts of the DeFalco/Frenz run (Hogun killing Seth by throwing the Black Knight through his head was pretty cool), but yeah, it can't hold a candle to Simonson's.

Cap sorts clobbers the minions who dogpile when goes to pick up the hammer. He swings it upward and sends them flying, but he's quick to toss it over to Thor.

Fanboy Wife said...

Why not Cap'n Buck? (Okay, so I like sugary cereal more than comics...)