Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Darkseid, or Wideseid, am I right?

That's actually a pretty traditional looking Darkseid there, very barrel-chested, let's say. This issue, investigating the appearance of a Superman-corpse in his tomb, Superman wrecks up Apokolips thinking Darkseid might be behind it. (As opposed to any of the other myriad reasons there might be to go kick Darkseid's ass sideways.)

While Supes wades through the Female Furies, Parademons, etc, Darkseid puts his personal assassin Kanto to the task. Now, I honestly can not recall Kanto ever managing to kill anyone with a name or important or anything; and yet he's still Employee of the Month compared to the rest of Darkseid's lackeys. This time, Kanto knows he can't kill Superman, so he tries to get a pile of Lowlies to kill themselves getting to Supes, in the hopes of driving him insane with guilt. Supes saves the Lowlies, then tosses Kanto in a firepit. Kanto's tough enough to survive that, though; but it can't feel pleasant, and probably wrecked his fancy Renaissance duds.

From Adventures of Superman #518, "The Armagetto Run!" Written by Karl Kesel, pencils by Barry Kitson, inks by McCarthy, Montano, and Kesel.

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