Thursday, March 10, 2011

Azazel, week two! Maybe we find out why this arc is called "the Draco."

I don't know why Wolvie is doing a CSI-style 'Yeeeeah!' in that last panel.
Continuing our proof there is no God--I mean, our look at Azazel, in "The Draco"! Uncanny X-Men #430, "The Draco, part two." Written by Chuck Austen, art by Philip Tan.

Aaaaaand, this is gonna be a quick one, since the subplots take up the bulk of this issue, and I don't care. Mutant fishboy Sammy had become friends with Juggernaut and nurse Annie's son Carter, but was pulled from the Xavier Institute by his parents. Mostly so his dad could beat on him for being a mutant, perhaps not realizing his son's new friends...who I think were mentioned to him. So, the dad actually knows Sammy is tight with Juggernaut, yet still gives him the hassle, which is a firm commitment to his racism.

'Xorn' makes an appearance, showing up to help work on Polaris's mind (which I don't think he does, he makes snippy comments and leaves) and accuse Annie of anti-mutant racism. Carter, who has psychic powers now, stowed away with the X-Men and watches the team try to pull Kurt out. It doesn't go well.

Apparently, there's an army of demony-types, while Kurt and the other teleporters are locked in a circle. Iceman is hit with an exploding arrow and blows up. Husk can't break Kurt's grip and is hit from behind, and Angel freaks out a bit, since he'd been sleeping with the much younger Paige Guthrie. In a flash of light, they all disappear, leaving a huge hole. To be continued...? Only because I'm writing these all at once.

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