Friday, March 18, 2011

Shortlist: He's Marvel's, not Moon Knight!

Nighthawk! Shown here in a badly retouched version of Erik Larsen's Defenders #5 cover.

I don't know if everyone likes his costume, especially the little wings on the mask, but I love the old-school, proper superhero look of it. Originally the bad guy Batman-analogue in the Squadron Sinister, Kyle Richmond would have a long and usually punishing trek to becoming a superhero. At various times, he's been a fake pretending to be a hero, a Defender, paralyzed by day, dead, stuck in hell, back alive with precognitive visions from Mephisto, and a Defender again. And all of that is before we even consider the various Squadron Supreme versions or the replacement Nighthawk. As such, his high and low points are subject to taste.

Kyle had a modified costume in his 1998 limited series, which was fine there, but lacks the charm of the jetpack-and-laser equipped cape he usually sports. Besides, it had a utility belt, even though I don't think he's ever been seen using one. (I have the same quibble for Captain America, for that matter.) Panel from The Order #2, "It's Our World" Written by Jo Duffy and Kurt Busiek, pencils by Chris Batista, inks by Dan Panosian.

Nighthawk's pretending to be a hero, while running a protection racket for crooks...which may have been a new plot then, but it's iffy. Heck, I do kinda like his old-school outfit, from when Kyle was still a bad guy, in this scan from "Quoth the Nighthawk, 'Nevermore!'" Originally from Daredevil #62, written by Roy Thomas, art by Gene Colan, inks by Syd Shores. And getting him would help fill out the Defenders roster on your action figure shelves. 'Course, then you'd absolutely need a Hellcat...but considering they haven't had a proper Defenders team in years, a Marvel Legends two-pack of Nighthawk and Hellcat seems like a longshot. Pity, since I think they look cool enough to sell even without a major comics presence. Maybe someday.


Dale Bagwell said...

Oh I totally agree! It's criminal how many cool b-and c-listers haven't been made into action figures yet. I could see buying a Nighthawk figure myself, maybe not Hellcat, but I'll support her being made. Howabout Damion Hellstorm? It's about time for him, althought parents'groups would have a bitch-fest for that one.

I don't know if you know this, but next year is when the ML line restarts. They'll be pumping out Modern Thor, Ultimate Hawkeye, Cap-Bucky, and some others. They're also going to have a BAF Terrax, which I'd love to get, since I used to own his cool FF cartoon-inspired figure. Hey wasn't the Wizard from that line cool as hell? I wish I still had him.

Anonymous said...

You know what's cool is that Hasbro is releasing a Nighthawk Marvel Universe figure in the near future... So far it looks awesome! I just hope they release a Squadron Supreme variant too.