Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Doom Idol."

A bit of fun today, although it's also a bitter rant about not (at least yet) getting a figure of Rita, Elasti-Woman. (Of course, if and when she ever does come out, expect a bitter rant about having to buy all the figures to get the parts to build her...)

Metamorpho has hung out with the Doom Patrol on a couple of occasions at least: during the Silver Age event and later in John Byrne's run on the book. The figure I used wasn't the Collect-and-Connect DCUC one, but the older DC Direct model. Which has more of a cheery, Silver Age feel, so yeah.

Like I've mentioned, for me the Doom Patrol is Larry, Cliff, and Rita; and any other member is just a guest or a temp. Would I feel differently if I read (or re-read) Grant Morrison's version, or Arcudi's, or Byrne's? But it sure as heck couldn't hurt sales if the Doom Patrol maybe added an established DC character (i.e. someone with their own fans...) into the lineup, even for a bit. That said, if they did try to add a female character, most of DC's heroines would be bigger names than the Patrol, and they'd be demoted to "...and the" status. I don't know how, say, Catwoman and the Doom Patrol would work, but I gotta say, I'd try it.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Loving these Doom Patrol posts!
I especially love this Doom Idol skit you did, which is sad considering Larry and Cliff will need a new job now that their title was recently cancelled. Howabout a Charlie Shhen-style rant by Larry and Cliff on how they feel about being cancelled again? Anyways, more DP Posts, and please more Doom Idol!!!!!!

SallyP said...

Don't forget Niles!